Went to church this morning.  While that in itself is not that exciting since I try to go every week it’s what happened after church that has stayed with me.  A woman that sits behind me in church with her daughter and granddaughter came over to talk to me.  We started talking about Christmas and family and she said “you must miss your sister a lot”.  It takes me aback when someone whom I have never been introduced to knows that my twin died.  Then I think “why wouldn’t they?  The whole world knows–or at least anyone that read the paper in Canada or saw it on the news”.  7 years later and it’s still hard to know what to say.  A counsellor once told me “she’s remembered, that’s good”.  It’s not like she knew my twin, not the person that I know.  She justs knows the story of how she died.  Or maybe thinks oh how sad.  Nobody but me (and other twins) knows what it’s like to carry that emptyness everyday.

Truth or Dare

Do I think one can ever be too honest? If a friend asked me “Do I look fat in this outfit?” I probably wouldn’t tell her she did.
I am a what you see is what you get type of person. Which means I am honest most of the time. I have been honest with people that don’t really want to hear the truth and been burned many times for it but in my heart I know telling the truth is best in the end. I am turning 40 this year and I am at the point in my life where I can’t stand “fake” people. To me being honest also means being honest with oneself.