I was watching “Sleepless in Seattle” on Sunday.  I remember watching it when it first came out but haven’t seen it for many years.

This is the scene where he is talking to the radio host and she asks “What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’m gonna get out of bed every morning… breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won’t have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out… and, then after a while, I won’t have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.”  It’s funny how that takes on a whole new meaning now that I actually know what that feels like.  I remember getting up in the morning and it was a struggle just to go through the mundane tasks of getting dressed and thinking what I was going to do in the day.  I burnt food more often than I would like to admit.  I would be making a dish that I had made so many times I could do it with my eyes closed and I would forget to add a seasoning.  And nobody ever tells you any of this.  You have to learn it all on your own.

Oh I gets better but it’s never the same.