Last Thursday I attended a writing class at a local library in my city.  For homework the instructor had us do a cluster exercise where we write I AM in a bubble and write things coming off the bubble.  It was harder than I thought.  I guess because when my twin died I had to figure out who is was without her.  Plus I’m not sure if the answers I give are “right”

I was watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN yesterday and ironically enough Oprah was asked this same question by Deepak Chopra.  She said she had a hard time with it too because everything she came up with were labels that society gave her.  That’s what I found.  I wrote down “daughter” but is that who I am?  Of course i wrote “a twin” because that goes to my identity.  I honour that connection/bond.  I also wrote “strong” because I found I developed or found an inner strength that I never knew I had before.  I guess I could write stubborn but what would that look like to write about.  Funnily enough a friend of mine once said we (my sister and I) always seemed to know who we were even in public school.  I guess because when I have unconditional love from that person who is always with me it’s easy not to care what others think.

The true answer would be “I AM GROWING”


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