I just finished my last writing class for the summer. It’s a free class held at a local library where I live. When I started 8 weeks ago I could barely read my stuff out loud I was so nervous.
Yesterday I read something that I wrote for a friend of mine. The instructor/teacher gave us the assignment to write about someone who influences or inspires us. When I was done the teacher said it wasn’t like anything I had written before. I didn’t know whether that was good or not. What did she mean? She asked if I knew what I was going to write about in our off time. I couldn’t admit it. I look around the room and think I’m the youngest one there–probably by at least 20 yrs and some 30. They must think what the heck would she write a memoir for? And I’ve gotten that look from people at previous classes I’ve gone to. But Paula said to write a memoir you must think of the audience that you are writing for and I know THEY aren’t my audience. They probably think she’s just doing this for fun.
It’s hard because I do need that feedback to know whether I can do this or not. My friend loved it. I know she isn’t just saying it.