Went to the mailbox yesterday and practically tackled the postie in my excitement to see whether my card from my Aussie friend arrived. IT DID!
TAR and I started exchanging cards in 2006. I sent her and email after she posted a condolence on the funeral home website. We emailed back and forth quite regularly, we had almost 20 yrs to catch up on (we didn’t have classes in high school together as she was in arts and we were business oriented). We have been sending each other cards ever since.
What makes the cards so special is that she draws a picture of me and my twin in the card. Her way of honouring her memory. I remember the first one had us at a coffee shop drinking hot chocolate with an Oprah magazine on the table and a little mouse in the corner. My twin collected ornaments and knick knacks with mice. My Dad couldn’t get over the detail in it. One had us peaking out from either side of a snowman. Probably the most special one was the Christmas after my niece was born and I remarked how my twin would never get to hold her. So of course she draws us holding the baby. She is gifted to be able to draw but is gifted with an insight into what to draw. I think my twin must whisper in her ear.
This year I have been able to take a writing course with a wonderful, encouraging teacher. I don’t believe it was coincidence that I found out around the time of our bday that it would be restarting. My angel has been working hard for me this year.
Thank you for the gift my friend. When I wear it I will think of the 2 people who inspire me.

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