Ahh the first day of school. For me the first full day of school will go down in infamy. Somehow I must have found out that I wouldn’t be in the same class as Janet. I wouldn’t go. My Mom had to get my grandfather to come and drag me to school. It was the first time we would be separated and I didn’t like it. I screamed like you would not believe. Many years later when a public school friend remarked on it I said it’s embarassing. She said “nothing to be embarassed about…that was love.”
All my life I did my firsts with my twin. First time I skipped church (we weren’t complete goodie goodies), driving lessons, first time I voted.
The firsts are a lot scarier now. I remember the first time I went for a walk by myself. Half way through I realized I was walking on the same side I did when I was walking with my twin. The first time I went to the hospital that Janet died in I could barely make myself go in but I had to because that was where Dad was having treatment.
I have had some good firsts. The first time I stood up for myself. When you have a twin you have someone who always has your back. The first time my Dad told me he loved me. I always knew he loved me but he grew up with parents who weren’t demonstrative. Dad was in the hospital dying of cancer. I knew everyday was precious so I said the words. The first time I held my niece.
Life is full of firsts. Everyone of those firsts is a memory. A journey begins with a single step.


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