Pens and Pencils

Pens and Pencils
My sister and I used to joke that we grew up in the wrong era. We loved to write letters by hand but in our generation it’s a dying art. There is something about someone taking the time to sit down and write a letter or finding a special card at the store. Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Unfortunately, it is now cost prohibitive.
I bought my first journal after my twin died. I needed somewhere to write down my thoughts. There were things I couldn’t talk to other people about. I’m now on my 5th journal in 8 yrs. I now get journals as Christmas gifts. When I’m really upset I tend to write big and what my twin called “chicken scratchy”. I need to be able to write with pen on paper and scratch things out…it’s not the same using a computer. And the pen has to have a certain weight to it and thickness of ink. When I really get going I can write 4 pages without stopping. It’s interesting how people leave instructions to their kids that when I die my journals have to be burned. There is great debate over it. I wouldn’t want anyone to read mine because I do use words that I wouldn’t say outloud in polite company.
I use the dining room table to write on. I wish I had a writing room with a big chair, a sidetable with lamp and a place for my coffee. In the summer time I sit outside and use the patio table.


One thought on “Pens and Pencils

  1. Hehe, I do the “chicken scratchy” think do 😛 Ditto on the letter writing but everyone I am in contact with love their keyboard. Keep the handwriting journal art alive.

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