The Princess and the Dragon

Easy Fix
Once upon a time in the land of Stoneville there lived 2 beautiful princesses named Genevieve and Grace. Life was pretty well perfect.
One day while they were out walking the forest they came across an angry dragon. Before she could react the dragon had captured Grace. “Now I’ve got you, your kingdom will be mine”.
“What do you want?” asked Genevieve.
“I will put a curse on your kingdom. Your sister is mine unless you do what I say”
Genevieve was frightened for her sister.
What is your name? She asked of the dragon.
My name is Wilf. I used to be a king but a witch transformed me into a dragon. I have been in this body for hundreds of years and I want to get back to the land of ToadIsland. According to the curse you must find me a talking frog. Then I can go free.
Hmm she thought, a talking frog. She wandered along the river deep in thought and all of a sudden she heard a croaking noise. Excuse me princess what seems to be the matter? Wait…you talk? Are you going to turn into a prince if I kiss you. Yes, your highness. Ok, come with me.
Genevieve had no use for a Prince so once he jumped into her hand she placed him into her pocket and ran back to the forest. Here you are a talking frog.
Oh thank you, I’m so hungry. GULP. Genevieve had a secret. She had placed a sword near the dragon.
HA, now the curse is lifted. After all she was a kick ass princess and no one needed to rescue her!
And all was right with the world.


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