What I know for Sure

(Note: This was written 5 yrs ago)
That every day we wake up is a chance for an accomplishment. And even in my toughest times I have still accomplished 30 things.
I am a teacher and a student. For when I am teaching others about loss I can also learn from others. I can encourage “come to the side of others” and that feels good!
Words hurt. Things that may have been appropriate before are NOT appropriate now.
It’s still fun to play in the leaves at 35—especially when I have someone to join me! What a joy it was. I realized that sometimes we have to make our own fun and hold on to that joy!
You can never have too many teddy bears.
I can’t be strong all of the time and it’s alright to ask for help. It’s alright to choose not to do something if I’m not ready.
I can laugh and cry at the same time.
Everyone has their own gifts and I shouldn’t compare myself to others.
Even though I have made many new friends since Janet died I would trade them all if I could bring her back.
Even though the saying “friends are the family you choose for yourself” sounds trite it’s true!
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”. How often I wondered how I even got the strength to go on but I could only say it was through a lot of prayer!

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