Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time in a land not that far away there was a beautiful maiden named Rose. Rose lived with the elderly Queen Lena. She loved Lena but the castle was huge and not enough servants. She cooked and she cleaned but she never got ahead.
Rose had a secret room in the castle where no one could find her. Here she wrote her innermost thoughts and dreams. Occassionally she would give it to the town crier. The towns people loved Rose and she loved them.
Rose was working in the kitchen when she heard a tap at the door. The Queen went to answer. “Excuse me your highness but your taxes are due.” “AGAIN? I just paid them. Greedy bastards” Soon after Rose could hear the phone ringing. “Oh, that will be Sir Francis, he’s after my money again”
Your highness I’m off to the market. She collected bag after bag of fruits, veggies and meat. Now how am I going to get them home? she pondered. “Excuse me miss, can I be of service?”. A beautiful carriage was parked near her. She hopped on and he drove her back to the castle. “Let me help you with your bags my lady.”
Maybe the week was looking up after all.


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