Play Lexicographer
I’m not a person who can make up new words so I’m going to use a word that already exists.
It’s actually not a new word but if you type it into a word document it will underline the word in red because the word doesn’t exist. The first time I saw this I thought “isn’t that interesting because the word shouldn’t exist”. The word seems so small for how great the loss is but what other word is there.
When I went to a twinless twins conference in Detroit I was asked by the customs agent where I was going so I told him. “What the heck is that?” Society knows what a twin is but twinless is a foreign word. Truthfully it was a foreign word to me. How could I be a twin and twinless both? I’m twinless because my twin died but I will always be a twin because I honour the life I had with her. I am the keeper of our memories.


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