180Burning Down the House
If my house was on fire the 5 things I would save
1. My purse. ID and money.
2. The family picture that you see in this post. It’s the last picture that I have of my Dad. My Dad hated going to have his picture taken and my brother and my Dad grumbled the entire time but my Mom and I treasure it now that he’s gone. I had to have it specially made because they didn’t the right frame.
3. My Dad’s photo album. He has pictures of his parents, of him when he was little, when he was first dating my Mom, baby pictures of us. Our whole life is in that album.
4. A box of letters that people sent when my twin died. I have 2 letters from people from high school that I didn’t even know well but felt that they had to send a card. It was special to see how many lives Janet touched.
5. My teddy bear. It’s not old but it’s been with me since my twin died and has wiped many a tear.

When I look over this list all but one have sentimental value to me. The things I could never replace.


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