Teacher’s Pet
Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

For the most part I had really good teachers throughout my school years. My worst teacher would have to be my Grade 4 teacher Mr. Conron. He loved Drama and lead all the school plays. I could tell that they only reason he taught was because he couldn’t make a living off of drama. Because of him I hated English and writing at the time. My twin and I both stuggled with math and that was probably his worst subject. My Dad helped us. He also favoured students by having what he called a “Mad Hatter Tea Party”. If you were the favoured student that day/week? you got to sit at the back and didn’t have to do any work. Let’s just say I never sat back there. You would never get away with such a thing now. He actually thought we were dumb and told us so (not outright but we knew). When my brother transferred to another school for academics he used to pump us for information. Funny thing was we were smart enough to realize what he was doing. I did learn things from this teacher though. I learned that not all teachers are there to help you. That favourtism exists even among teachers. I learned that karma’s a bitch.

My best teacher would have to be Mr.Jantzi, my Grade 8 teacher. My mother had a kidney transplant when we were in Grade 8 and he went around and told all of our teachers and was just the kindest man. He was respected by all the kids. When Janet died he came to her funeral and sent the sweetest condolence card. Inside he wrote what a pleasure it was teaching us. Such a gentleman.

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