Scents of Childhood

The Transporter
What scents or tastes bring me back to childhood?
The smell of chlorine reminds me of going to my grandparents apartment to swim in the summertime. Grandpa would take us down but Grandma could see us from the balcony. My Dad’s sister has an indoor pool and the scent of chlorine permeates the house. We always had Mother’s pizza when we went to visit because she believed that the purpose is to visit not to be slaving in the kitchen over food. We didn’t mind–pizza was fabulous. When it went out of business it was kind of the end of our childhood because we went there for a treat with Mom on PD days. My siblings would have root beer floats with chocolate ice cream–a taste I couldn’t stand. To this day I don’t like root beer.
My grandmother was usually baking something when we went to visit. One time she was trying to teach us how to make coconut cream pie but her oven was on the fritz so it got too hot and it burned. The only time I ever saw my grandmother mad–of course unlike me she never swore. My grandmother was what you would call “A Lady”. I never saw her wear pants and she was always well dressed. They believed that you weren’t allowed to wear PJs to the table so if we stayed over on Sat night we had to change into our Sunday clothes before breakfast. Dad let us come in PJs on Sun so we didn’t have to change our clothes. My grandmother smelled of Chantily Lace body powder. It came in a pink tin with a powder puff and I thought it was so fancy.
My twin liked the scent of lily of the valley and occassionally wore the perfume. When Kingsmills was going out of business I bought a couple of bottles and it smells like Janet.
My Dad wore Old Spice. My Dad had very dark stubble so if we were going out for dinner he had to shave twice in the day. He didn’t wear it everyday, only on special occassions. We could smell him coming down the stairs.
It’s amazing how smells just transport me back!


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