This is the year we were born.
My Mom didn’t know that she was having twins because we were born before ultrasound. My grandfather thought she was getting big rather quickly and my grandmother made her clothes so she wondered why she had to let them out some. I think Mom just thought it was water weight. The first time she knew she was having twins was when she was in labour and the Dr found 2 heartbeats. Apparently most of the time one of us was behind the other one. She didn’t believe the Dr but 2 mins after Janet was born out I popped.
My grandparents were thrilled. My father’s parents died before they were married so I only had one set. My grandpa said “one for each of us”. Apparently my Dad’s sister-in-law laughed because she couldn’t imagine Dad having twins. They actually didn’t think they would have kids because my Dad was 41 when we were born and they didn’t realize Mom was younger.
We were born a month premature (June 21) so we stayed in the hospital for a while. We were less than 8lbs between us. My Dad didn’t think we would live because he had never seen anything so small. My grandmother worked on reception desk at hospital so she told him we were healthy just really small.
When we went home everyone came to visit. Twins were a rarity in our family and babies are such a joy. We were pretty cute too.


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