Love Is…

Cupid’s Arrow
Love is holding your twin’s hand when learning to walk
Love is crying on the first day of school because you’re going to be separated
Love is a full tin of oatmeal cookies
Love is whisker rubs from grandpa
Love is creamy mac and cheese
Love is money to go to the candy store for a chocolate bar and sharing
Love is making sure you are dressed appropriately to go out into the world
(one I didn’t realize until I was an adult!!)
Love is providing for your family
Love is cleaning up after someone when they are sick
Love is bringing your Dad a glass of iced tea after working hard in garden
Love is sitting beside someone and not having to say a word

Love is loss. To me love isn’t the romantic stuff that we see on tv. Love is the day to day stuff. Keeping someone’s favourite food in the fridge. Going to visit a loved one in hospital even though I hate going! Love is sitting at the computer crying because I miss them so much. All of these points bring back memories of people I loved a lot and people who loved me.
When my sister died friends actually prayed that a man would come into my life because they didn’t want me to be alone. Not realizing that the second Janet died I WAS alone. That connection with a twin cannot be replaced with anyone else.

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