If these walls could talk

Wall to Wall
In the front entrance to my home there is a picture of my family. The walls in our front entrance are wall papered. I have never wall papered in my life and it is not a task to do with family members!! We would have had a very full swear jar. If anyone is curious you can find the family photo in my post on what I would save in a fire. We have always had family pictures there. This is our last family picture, the only one with my brother and his fiance with Dad. There are days when it’s hard to look at it because I miss my Dad.
Since we are downsizing I recently got rid of our piano. This is where our high school grad photos were and any more recent photos. For a while some were moved to the fireplace mantle but now they are in boxes.
In my bedroom there is an 8×10 photo of a sunset. My bedroom is painted the colour of a sunrise so it matches very well. I’ve actually changed the wall art in my room over time. I used to have a collage of family photos and then I changed it to a canvas painting and now I have the sunset. I have a framed cartoon picture that my friend sent on my dresser and my favourite photo of me and Janet.
I think a home should reflect the people that live there. My brother’s living room is painted grey and their artwork is black and white. It’s all very modern but there are absolutely no pictures of them, us or his wife’s family anywhere. If you walked into a house without photos how would you know who lived there?


One thought on “If these walls could talk

  1. I agree with the need for family photos in the home. I must confess though the ones on display in our lounge, hall way, landing and the children’s bedrooms all tend to have been taken by professionals. My mother in law’s house though is covered with amateur and professional shots of family and friends.

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