My Clone

jandj1998Clone Wars
Being a twin I had my own clone. We are identical twins which means we were split from the same egg. People used to think it was like looking in the mirror when they looked at us but we could see the differences (all of our friends could too). It wasn’t always easy growing up as a twin because twins stand out. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not. We had to answer people who asked “are you two twins?” when it’s pretty obvious we are. Do you feel each other’s pain–NO. Can we read each others thoughts? To the extent that I know her so well I can tell what she is thinking but telepathically–NO.

Janet and I were almost like a married couple because we did share duties at home. We both liked to cook but she didn’t like the clean up part so she would do most of it and I would clean off the counter afterwards. Did I mention she was a messy cook?? She was a more adventurous cook. I would follow a recipe and she was what I referred to as an “adder”–this is good but if I add this it would be better. After she died I burnt food a lot because my rhythum was off. She would know what i wanted without me even having to ask, that’s how in sync we were. I was so used to cooking with someone else.
Whenever we did laundry we would fold the clothes together but I hated matching socks so she would do that part. Sometimes she would help me make my bed. One time I was making my bed and she came into the room and said something and I almost hit the wall. She laughed and laughed. She thought I heard her come in but I hadn’t.

That’s something I miss…is having a partner. Sharing the duties. Having someone to talk over stuff with.

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