Two Places at once

Clone Wars
You know the saying “I wish I could be two places at once”…well Janet and I could. One of us could go with Dad somewhere while the other one stayed home to help Mom.
There was a time when she wanted to go to a social event but I didn’t want to so I went to another function. People automatically expected us to attend things together. We usually did but once in a while it was nice to hear new stories, meet new people. I think she enjoyed being a “singleton” once in a while. If she went by herself no one would know she was a twin. When we were younger I was a little more outgoing but in later years it reversed. I liked the tried and true.
I remember after Janet died thinking if I met knew people they would never know I am a twin. It was a weird feeling knowing I was different. Knowing I am a twin but the world sees me as a singleton.


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