A Plot of Earth

A Plot of Earth
I was mulling this prompt over and then I remembered a conversation I had via email with a lone twin friend about the idea of having a commune for twinless twins. I think it came about after going to conference. It is a yearly event for twinless twins to get together for 3 days. But the time seems so short. There is the cost factor too. Many people just can’t afford airfare, hotel and registration. It’s sad to think that someone may not be able to get that experience because of financial reasons.
Of course the plot of land would have to be large because there are hundreds of people registered with the twinless twins org. It is such a joy to be able to hang out with people who are like me. Who understand what it is like to go through life without your other half. To not have to put on the brave face to people who don’t truly understand what it means to have a birthday without your twin. I don’t use the word “celebrate” anymore, I choose to “honour” our birthday.
I have many twin friends who live far away and email is our main source of communication. I have one friend who I talk to almost everyday. It would be cool to be able to just walk down the hall and knock on her door. To share a cup of tea together or a book that we thought the other one would like.
Love definetely makes the world go round but my plot of land would bring us closer!

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