Welcome to Dullsville

Local Flavor
London Ontario is not really a tourist hotspot. We are located close enough to Toronto and Niagara Falls that people drive there when entertaining family.
I live close to Wortley Village which has been voted best neighbourhood. It has changed a lot in the last 10yrs though. It used to have a little lunch spot that had wonderful soups and sandwiches–now it’s a Mexican restaurant (I think?). The local coffee shop is now like a Starbucks and lost the neighbourhood hangout vibe. It’s too posh! Then the fine dining establishment turned into a pub. One of Mom’s church friends feels the same way as I do that it has changed from what made it great. Or maybe we just don’t like change??

London has some great festivals in the summer time. Rock the Park, Home County Folk Festival, Ribfest. If you come to London between July 1 and Labour Day there are festivals going on every weekend and most are free to attend. The Balloon Festival ran Victoria Day weekend. Unfortunately it ran out of funds. We lived close enough to downtown that we didn’t even have to go downtown but could sit on the deck and watch them go overhead. Some were so close we could see the basket.

I love where I live. It’s just right for me.


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