Me Time
What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?
My ideal Saturday morning would be to read the paper with a cup of coffee beside me. Then I would probably do a little bit of writing (either online or journalling depending on the mood). Saturdays usually involve doing some laundry. I usually try to plan out what I’m going to wear to church the next day too.
Am I doing those things this morning? Eventually I will get to reading the paper. I went grocery shopping this morning. I have someone deliver my groceries but I didn’t know my Mom was coming home so I only got enough for one. I’m well stocked up now!! Saturday must be the day guys go because it was full of older gentlemen doing the shopping. Who knew?
The 3rd Sat of the month I meet a friend for coffee. It’s our chance to catch up. We’ve been getting together for years. Sometimes we have to meet on another day but it’s my ideal way to start the day!


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