Honourable Mention

Circle of Five
Honourable mention would also have to go to…
My friend Nicole who I have known FOREVER. We went to Sunday School together when we were very little. We are like family that’s how long we have known each other. We have been through a lot together. She did the eulogy for Janet’s funeral.
My friend Tasha who I have known since public school. We became reaquainted after she posted a condolence on the funeral home website. She was the one who encourged me in my writing and is inspired by my accomplishments (which makes my heart feel full to bursting!).
My twin friend Shirley. She is such a sweet lady. We had a long chat at twin conference about caregiving. It really helped to talk to someone who understood. Whenever I post a new photo on facebook she is always the first person to comment.
3 very special people.

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