The Dash

In Loving Memory
Wow another morbid prompt, thanks WordPress!

Someday I’m going to write OUR story but I struggle with sharing how she died. At the twinless twins conference I go to that is part of the experience is sharing the story. I’ve done it but now I choose not to because it becomes about how your twin died instead of sharing the things we did in life.

I remember when I first went to the bereavement group and they referred to the date of death as an anniversary and I thought what a weird word to describe it because I always thought of the word Anniversary for joyous events. But we remember the day of the death and while I don’t mark it my body knows when it is.

I did most of the preparations for Janet’s funeral because I am the closest person to her. I picked out the hymns. A friend sang “The Power of Your Love” which is a Hillsong song (look it up on youtube–it’s powerful). It started out with a few people and ended up with 5 standing up together. The funeral home owner thought they were a professional singing group but they are just a group of friends from bible study who sing in the choir at their churches. There were 125 people that came to Janet’s funeral. It was amazing to see how many people Janet touched in her 32 yrs. I received cards from people in high school that I didn’t even know well but remembered us. She was remembered by all for her smile and her laugh.

When our twins die we start over. It’s like a rebirth so i would be 8–the years since she died.

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