Just a Dream
When we were in our early teens Janet and I had the same recurring nightmare. We were driving somewhere and we would get to a bridge which would be out and we would drive off. We always woke up before we hit the water. It was usually the four of us, my Dad was never in it. I think because he was at work so whenever we went anywhere it WAS just the 4 of us. It was weird that we both had this dream.
I’ve often had a dream where I’ve been walking the halls in public school but I’m the same age I am now but I walk and walk and never get to my actual destination. Recently I had this same dream only I was in an airport and I couldn’t find the gate that I was supposed to be at. Janet was with me so I actually wasn’t afraid that I was lost because we were “lost” together.
I suppose if I was curious I could look up the meaning of these dreams. I know there is probably symbolism in the fact that I was lost.
I once had a dream that my Mom got remarried (and my Dad was still alive at the time). We were in a bridal shop and the saleslady had gone to find Janet’s dress. It was this big pink thing with white dots. They couldn’t find mine so my Mom was giving the saleslady a piece of her mind. My Mom never tells people off even when she is really mad so this is totally unlike her. Janet gave me heck “Why did I have to wear the hideous dress?” My Mom asked “um where was your Dad?” I don’t know, I think he died. We all laughed because it was so ridiculous.
I remember dreaming that Janet walked through the door the Thanksgiving after she died (it was probably a month later). It seemed so real. My Mom had a similar dream. It was because in our mind we couldn’t believe she was really gone, that she wasn’t going to come through the door. I always find comfort when I dream about her because I can feel her with me. I know she’s with me always but we are together again in my dreams.

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