I’m Awesome

I Have Confidence in Me
When I was re-reading my post I realized that I answered the post in relation to a job because that is the way I read it but I didn’t really include what I’m good at.

1. I’m a good listener.
2. A loyal friend. This is why I have friendships for years. Janet was a very loyal friend too. I actually had a friend write in a letter after she died that Janet was a better friend than she was (which is probably true).
3. A good cook. Okay it isn’t gourmet but if you wanted the chewiest chocolate chip cookies ever I’m your girl! Plus my stuffing is THE BEST!
4. I get along well with all ages. Probably comes from being a good listener.
5. I’m a good researcher. I found a guy that delivers groceries just by googling grocery delivery and my city.
6. I’m good at stretching a dollar. Although this is something I could be better at because my Dad was tight with his money and I have a hard time spending money sometimes.
7. I love deeply which also means I grieve deeply.
8. I’m good at sarcasm. Unfortunately it’s in my DNA. My cousin’s husband calls them Ruddisms.

I need to be proud of my accomplishments.

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