The Quilt

003Set It To Rights
This is a quilt that I bid on at an Auction at the Twinless Twins conference in 2010. I saw it on display with the other auction items and just knew that I had to have it. I had just recently redone my bedroom in yellow and I thought it would look so good on the wall. It’s just so beautiful and the colours are so breathtaking. What an amazing experience since I’ve never bid on anything before. There is a TT that is an auctioneer. I stuck up my hand to bid on it. The people at my table were shocked. I was in a bidding war with a couple other people. The price kept going up but there was a voice in my head that said “you know you want it, and can afford it! You’ll kick yourself”. In the end I decided NO MATTER WHAT I was going to have it. I was physically shaking when it was over because I couldn’t believe I just did that. When I got it home I didn’t even realize it has my fav colours—yellow and purple, and Janet’s red and hunter green. I believe it was meant to be!
My twin died young. There were so many things that she never got to do. While this quilt is a symbol of me and Janet it’s also a symbol of life. Even though we are grieving it’s alright to buy something that makes us happy. Life’s too short to have regrets over the one that got away.

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