Dinner Conversation

A House Divided
Growing up we tended to discuss what was going on in the world around the dinner table. My Dad was an easy riser from his many years working as a letter carrier so he would get to the paper first. Mom would get a little put out with him because he would discuss something he had seen but she/we hadn’t read it yet. He used to tell us “I’m just saving you the effort”.
You know the saying that you shouldn’t discuss politics or religion in social settings. Well my Dad’s family didn’t believe in that. As soon as we were old enough to vote we were asked what we thought of certain politicians, their stance on issues, even who we would vote for. One time our Uncle asked Janet and she said “none of the above”. He thought that was just a cop out so he told her she had to explain why she decided that and she could.
Our last family dinner together was for my Mom’s 70th birthday 2 yrs ago. We were raised in the United Church but my brother married someone who is Catholic so he has become Catholic too. They had just recently elected a new pope and my Uncle asked my brother his opinion.
My Dad loved watching the political shows. When he had cancer we didn’t watch them so much because it was too much effort for him.
I have to admit now in my life that I don’t really follow what is in the news as much as I used to. My priorities have shifted.


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