A Spontaneous Laugh

Ha Ha Ha
Before we could talk my Mom said that we had our own language. I imagine that we were probably laughing together before we could even talk. Janet and I would find things funny that maybe other people didn’t. We used to get “the look” from older people in church because we would get a case of the giggles and our church was very conservative. Even 30yrs later some still won’t clap along to a song.
One time in our mid 20s we went to a bible study at our church led by the assistant minister. She had very different ideas so to start the session we had to chant UM over and over. The first time we did it I thought Janet was going to have to leave the room because she was almost to the point of busting out laughing. On the way home she says “it sounded like a bunch of constipated old people”. Even now it makes me laugh at how she described it. Do you know what she did to make herself stop laughing??–she gripped her nails into her hands.
My Dad would usually go over to the Hardware store with one of us along to help carry stuff but there were times when he was too dirty to go so he would send Mom. Janet and I were sitting in the car and we saw a bag of cow manure called “MOO POO”. Oh my goodness we laughed for 5 mins because we just thought it was so funny. Mom comes back to the car “what is wrong with you two??” MOO POO!! And we are off into a fit of giggles again. “Oh my goodness you two!!” Sometimes Mom just couldn’t get our sense of humour. And we were in our 20s at the time.
Janet had what Mom and I referred to as a spontaneous laugh. She was in the library reading an article in a magazine and she bursts out laughing loud enough that I could hear her across the room. She didn’t get shushed. A lady sitting beside her asked what she was reading that was so funny. She had that effect on people, they wanted to be in on the joke.
Many of my public school friends told me after she died in emails that they remembered Janet’s giggle.
I can still hear her laugh sometimes.

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