“Adults Only”

Fly on the Wall
When we were young my Dad’s siblings would have what they would refer to as “Adults Only” dinners. They would go out and we would go over to our grandparents for dinner. When we got old enough to stay home by ourselves our parents would leave us some money and we would order pizza. Janet and I would be so offended. We would think “we know what fork to use, why can’t we go?” Then when we got old enough to be included we wondered what all the fuss was about because it was so boring. Usually we went to some hoity toity restaurant with $40 a plate food that didn’t even fill the plate. We were never really included in the conversation so we just talked to each other.
In 2002 we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. It was actually on a Sat this time so my brother was able to go. He lives out of town. For some reason they separated the in-laws from the siblings and the 3 of us had to sit at the “kiddie table” with my Aunt. We didn’t mind but boy was she pissed. I had grown up with it so it didn’t bother me anymore.
My Dad’s father died when he was 8 and I often thought that I would like to have a time machine so I could see how he handled it. But after experiencing it myself I thought there are some things that are better left unknown.


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