Am I really crying over a tv show?

Last night was the final episode of Glee. I started watching it in the 4th season (I think). I found myself almost crying at some parts. When the teacher was singing to the students as a tribute to them they panned to Rachel who was rubbing her chest. I had read somewhere that after Cory died she wore a necklace with his character’s name on it. I have a locket that I wear to church and on one side it has a photo of me and my twin and I totally got what she was doing because I do that. It’s our connection to the person that we lost but nobody knows but us.
When they had the tribute episode to Finn I cried throughout the whole thing. Not because I felt some great attachment to the character but because they portrayed the loss of a mother of her son so well. How much I could relate to each person on the show.
Really good tv (or movies) do that. They touch deep emotions within you.

One thought on “Am I really crying over a tv show?

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