But No Cigar
So close but always seems to be out of reach…
Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I hadn’t been for about 10 days so it was a very large order and took most of the morning to put away. Today I thought I would be able to get some laundry done and clean out the hall closet–both things that needed doing. Closet is clean (and found 2 lost items–YAY ME) and laundry is started. Then just before lunch my Aunt phones and asks if she can come for visit this afternoon. Yep, free afternoon gone. Tomorrow Mom’s Occupational Therapist is coming. Gotta tidy living room.

In less than 2 weeks my writing class is starting back up. I have to get better organized so I don’t have days like today. Caregiving is a full time job and doesn’t really provide much free time. In this morning’s weekly local paper one columnist was talking about going out for coffee with a friend who asked her “What makes you happy?”. My immediate thought was writing makes me happy. Writing this blog everyday makes me happy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go change my clothes for company.


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