Ketchup is not a food

Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)
My Mom is a good home cook but my Dad put ketchup on some things that I didn’t think should have ketchup on. In public school my Mom would buy the small chicken pot pies. Dad would turn his upside down on the plate and then proceed to put ketchup on it. I used to get after him for putting it on homemade pie but he would say “It’s MY food and I’m going to eat it”. Both Mom and Dad would dip their grilled cheese into ketchup. When I was in a hotel in Detroit they had homefries for the breakfast buffet. I looked all around and couldn’t find any ketchup so had to ask a waiter. He looked at me in horror–what would you need ketchup for?? Hey if you can put sausage gravy on your biscuits (which I don’t understand…it looks yucky) then I can have ketchup.

In the eulogy for Dad I mentioned that his favourite meal was ham and scalloped potatoes. Janet preferred the ones out of the box because they were thin but Dad had to have the real thing. But he wouldn’t eat it as leftovers. If we made it out of the blue for him he would think we had done something wrong or were softening up for something (we needed money?). Dad was a meat and potatoes type of person, he liked nothing better than a good piece of steak. He wasn’t too fond of rice though. We could only have it twice in a week and NEVER in a row. My Dad could eat a can of peanuts in 2 days and don’t think about sharing a box of chocolates with him.

Sunday mornings were what my Dad would call pancake day. I would come down the stairs “Are we having pancakes?”. When we started going to an early service at church there wasn’t time to make pancakes. Also homemade not Aunt Jemima.

We do something to honour his birthday. We often have his favourite meal and share a piece of cake. I think Janet and Dad are having their own banquet in heaven.

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