Sharing a Meal

003Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)
My favourite meal would have to be Thanksgiving dinner. Janet and I would cook the meal together. It brings back memories. Now that there is just the 2 of us we don’t usually cook a big turkey. We are going out for brunch for Easter because it’s easier.
I have a friend that makes fun of me when we go out to eat because I take pictures of the food. I just think it’s so nicely laid out. When I went for Christmas dinner with my monthly coffee date friend I had sliders (see above photo). There was some sort of relish on the one which I didn’t like. One of my guy friends laughed when I said this restaurant is really good because they refill your water glass promptly. One of my pet peeves. I don’t want to have to hunt someone down for more water.

Food is such a shared experience. It’s what we do to socialize…cake for birthdays, turkey for thanksgiving, ham for easter. Now that I’m diabetic my food choices have changed a lot. We always had cookies in the house…not anymore. Mom took cupcakes to share at her seniors group for her bday and I ate mine without icing. When Mom was in the hospital it was the first time I had to cook for one and it was hard. I remember after Janet died having so much food leftover because I was so used to cooking for 4 or 5 if my brother was home for weekend.

Food is a way we show someone we love them. Grandma always made sure she had oatmeal cookies in the cookie tin. My Mom would make date squares (my fav). We would have mac and cheese–the real stuff not KD–at my Grandma’s place. It was so creamy and nobody makes it like hers. I used to make chocolate chip cookies to share with friends at bible study.

We bring food when someone dies. When Janet died we had more food than we could possibly eat and most went in the freezer. My brother got sent home a grocery bag full of fruit. “What am I going to do with this?” My friend said “He’d be very regular”. Sometimes food makes us laugh.


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