This is a picture of my niece when she was 5 weeks old (she’s now almost 3). She was just learning to smile. This picture reminds me so much of myself because my eyes do that when I laugh. I see a little bit of Janet in her too. She has so much of Janet in her. My niece would pout when she was upset as a baby. Janet had days like that, if she was mad the whole house knew it.
Janet could make me laugh so easily. She would sit on the couch or across the room from me and cross her eyes and make silly faces.
Today is April Fools. We didn’t really try to fool teachers when we were in public school. They were already prepared because they kind of figured we would. Most knew which one of us was which. In public school we had one teacher who said she could never tell. It was easier in public school because we wore the same clothes.
Everyone needs someone to laugh with.


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