Easter Weekend

Three Letter Words
Today is Good Friday. Yesterday on my newsfeed for Facebook it had a picture that I posted 2 yrs ago. I clicked on the link and it had my status for 5 yrs ago. It said “going to visit 2 people I love” (we went to the cemetary).

I was reminded this morning that many years ago I was supposed to be confirmed with my class around Easter. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to because I had strep throat. My Mom thought “oh big deal you have a little bit of a sore throat GO TO SCHOOL”. Well it wouldn’t go away so eventually she had to take me to clinic on weekend. I didn’t care that I was sick my first question was “yeah but can I get confirmed with my class??” And the answer was no. I couldn’t even go to church to see my twin get confirmed. We had grown up in the church so everyone wondered where I was. My grandfather told me “it’s ok, you’re just special and you get your own day” but I wasn’t buying it. I wanted to wear my Grade 8 grad dress but I got confirmed in Nov so I had to wear a dress Grandma made me for my cousin’s wedding. It was the same material as my grad dress only it was wine instead of yellow. She had a little bit of material left over so she made me a belt (looks like a cumberbund). I looked good. Funnily enough I don’t remember what colour Janet’s dress was although I’m pretty sure it was navy blue. That was back in the day when girls actually dressed up to get confirmed. The last time I went to church with Mom at Easter I was horrified to see skirts that barely covered their behinds or some girls even wearing jeans. I was raised that becoming a member of the church was a big deal and you dress accordingly.

We won’t be going to church this year because it’s too much for Mom to do both as we are going out for brunch.
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy Easter.

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