High Noon
Ahh the irony that this seems to be a prompt from Christmas.
Holidays are especially hard for anyone that is bereaved. It’s a reminder of what you have lost. Mom and I won’t be going to church today because she doesn’t have the energy to go out for lunch and go to an hour church service (although it would probably be longer than an hour). I don’t mind because I don’t really enjoy going to church and being surrounded by everyone that has family with them for holidays. I sat beside my sister and now she’s singing with the angels in heaven.
It’s not like I focus on the fact that Dad and Janet aren’t here but we know.
We are going out for brunch. Anytime I don’t have to cook is a good thing!!!
If you have family around you today hug them a little tighter. Say a toast to the ones that you hold dear whether they are physically with you or just in your heart.


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