Writing Circle

The Interview
A year ago today I went to my first memoir writing class at a local library in my city. It ended up being cancelled because the teacher developed health issues. I was so excited when it was re-started in the summer. I felt like I finally was ready to write more consistently so it was disappointing at the time not to be able to. The woman who leads the class usually tells us about a good book that she had just read. She always seems to be picking up new books every week or asking about one. I have gone to classes lead by other people who say that reading more helps in ones writing. I don’t read a lot. During the day I’m busy with housework and in the evening I watch tv. I think I read more with Janet because we would discuss the book afterwards. It was something we could share.
We usually start with a 10 min journalling session in class which I enjoy although 10 min is hardly enough time for me. Once I get going I have a hard time stopping. We have continued with the same group of people for each session. I even had a couple of people email while Mom was in the hospital to ask how I was. It’s such a supportive group. It will be nice to get out to something that I enjoy.
The first thing I do when I come home is email my TT friend. It’s fun to share it with her.

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