Writing Class Homework–Pivotal Event

All It’s Cracked Up to Be
For my writing class the teacher wants us to write about a pivotal event in our life and how we see it now. I was mulling this over and most of the pivotal events in my life were not happy events.
When I was 13 my Mom had a kidney transplant. My grandparents took us over to the dialysis centre so we could understand the process Mom went through. I guess it was supposed to make it less scary but it didn’t work. It was a might big machine! It was the first time I was faced with “what if…” I knew that people died on the waiting list. At that age I didn’t comprehend what it really meant for Mom to be able to get a new kidney. Looking back on it now it makes me realize why Janet and I weren’t like the other girls in Grade 9. We were suddenly thrust into the role of adults. More was expected of us. We were never told this but we felt it.
Graduations were never a pivotal event for me. They were just things that happened. Stepping stones.
The most pivotal events in my life were when Janet and Dad died. I was 32 and 35 when these events happened. When I was thinking this over I realized that pivotal events shape us. For someone else it might be when they got married. For a woman they have a new name (if they choose to take husband’s name), a new identity. Your life changes. When you have a child you take on another identity.
When Janet died I thought I lost my identity and until I found the Twinless Twins organization I think I did. When my Dad was dying I was his caregiver. I took on a new role. All the pivotal events in my life made me stronger.


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