Grr (or feeling mad)

<a href="">Mad as a Hatter</a>

I try to control getting mad but it happens a lot more frequently than I would like to admit.  Taking care of someone else that doesn’t have the energy to do much is quite overwhelming.  When I find myself very overwhelmed it does tend to come out in rage.  It’s not only feeling overwhelmed it’s anger at the situation…that fact that Mom’s health isn’t very good and worrying for her.  The fact that I am all alone and there isn’t anyone to help me.  The fact that I don’t get as much time to myself as I would like.  Oh yes and did I mention it’s now probably time to do yardwork and as I sit at the computer in the library I’m reminded I left a sink full of dirty dishes.

The only way I can really avoid getting mad is to tell myself it’s OK.  That this is the way it is.  Things WILL get done in their time.

Time to go…writing class starts in 20 min and I still have to make a stop to get some coffee.  Starbucks beside the library.  WEEE I get to do something I enjoy today.


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