Learning from others

Mentor Me
At the writing class that I attend the teacher was telling us that she found some of her writing after her son died. I find it interesting how many of us starting writing after someone we loved died as a way to express or release the emotions. But at the same time it’s a very personal thing to share in a group. The teacher runs 2 groups in different areas of the city so we have more people from the other group this time. It may take me a while to get comfortable reading in front of a new group (to me).
When I first went I thought “wow, I could never write like that person”. But I soon realized that everyone writes differently. We all write from our own experiences. I do have to admit it’s not always easy being the youngest person in this class (by 25 yrs at least). I’m not writing for my family I’m writing for other twinless twins or someone who has lost a loved one and might learn from what I have to say.
Through a fellow TT that I have known since 2010 I have “met” a recent TT who just past the 1yr anniversary. I kind of feel like I’m mentoring her because she can get insights into what it’s like. I can answer her questions or just listen. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone else.


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