Get Over Yourself

Powerful Suggestion
This is something that Janet used to tell me. I’m the type of person that tends to hold on to stuff that I need to let go of. It was her way of telling me “it’s not important in the long run”. How I wish she was still here to tell me that because I struggle with it on my own. When Janet was here I didn’t care if a friend didn’t call me back because my twin was always there. If someone treated me badly it didn’t matter because she had my back.

I have learned that no one can give me advice, that practically everything I had to learn on my own. I learned about “Self-care” at bereavement group but only I can figure out what that means for me. And 8 1/2yrs later I’m still not great at it. I am the type of person that when someone tells me how to do something I will probably do it the opposite anyway. Just ask my Mom!!

I would’ve liked advice on caring for my Mom. But then it’s also something that changes daily. She is learning her limitations. We take it one day at a time.

That’s probably the best advice I have been given is “One Day at a Time”


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