Have Fun!!

dessertdandjPowerful Suggestion
When I went to set up an investment account at a bank where I live the financial advisor told me before I left that it’s alright to spend the money “have a little fun”. There is a picture on my facebook page of me jumping in a pile of leaves taken about 5 yrs ago. I had friends that thought it was such a cool picture but they wouldn’t do it. No one has to tell a child to go and have fun…they make their own. They will play with a packing box. But then we grow up. We have responsiblities…play time is over. I have to admit that I’m like everyone else. I’ll make time for play after the house is clean, the laundry is done etc. Ever notice those things are never really done??
Today it’s going to be 20 degrees celcius and I’m going to sit outside this afternoon and enjoy it. Do some journalling. And I will refrain from looking at the weeds.
Dear Jennifer here is your permission slip to have fun..now go use it!!


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