Roy G. Biv
As I am sitting at the computer looking out the window all I can see is grey. We are getting the April Showers that bring May flowers. The grass is turning green although it is still in the rough stages. I can see the starting of yellow buds from the forsythia bushes. The other day when I was out with a friend of mine she asked if I had started any yardwork and I thought “oh shoot I have to do that pretty soon”. Although my winter was spent looking after my Mom there is more time spent inside to write. My Dad loved to garden and it was his domain.
Last night we watched the movie WILD with Reese Witherspoon. I didn’t know too much about the story. When her Mom was in the hospital dying of cancer it hit close to home. When she tells someone the Dr told us one year and it’s been one f—ing month I could relate. It’s a story about her working through the loss of her Mom. It’s a very dark movie. At the end of the movie she stands on the bridge and says 4 yrs and so many months and days after she met her husband, then married, and had kids. How we mark the date by “after” the death. It’s a starting over. I also sat there thinking why would Reese Witherspoon choose to do this movie? She spends most of it walking alone, talking to herself. She’s dirty. There is a real vulnerability about her.


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