Writing for Me

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Today was the second week of my writing class. Today we were given an exercise to write a summary of our life story. I had already done it for homework in the previous class in the fall but a lot of people didn’t do it then so she decided to do it as a class exercise. It’s hard going to class when I’m 35 yrs younger than the majority of the people in the class. I’m not writing for my family. The only person in my family that I would ever give it to read would be my Mom. I’ve had people tell me I’m dwelling on the loss writing about Janet. It’s my way of honouring our life together, how is that dwelling on it? I carry her with me everyday. I miss her everyday.
I guess that’s why I’m thrilled each time I get a new follower. Here is a person that cares enough to read about my journey. So many people have tried to squash my voice and here is a place where I can let it out. Here is a place where I can be myself. No facades as my friend told me. I am so thankful for those friends that support me in my writing.


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