The Satisfaction of a List
How ironic that this is the prompt for today after I just sent an email to my grocery delivery guy to add a few more items to my very long list. One would think that it would be easier to write a list out electronically but it’s really not!! I learned after week 2 that I had to be VERY specific in what I was ordering. I always wondered why people take cellphones to the grocery store–now I know. Last week the woman (who seems to have taken over our order from the guy) knocked on the door at noon and I thought “wait, that can’t be her she ALWAYS phones with a question”. But it was. She got everything perfectly. She even commented how small our order was last week. It’s amazing how large an order we have for only 2 people but there are 7 days in a week which means 21 meals in a week (unless you are one of those people that have cereal and toast everyday).
I didn’t used to be a list keeper but after Janet died I found that I couldn’t remember anything so I started writing out to-do lists. It’s a common thing after losing someone, your brain is fried. I still write to-do lists but it’s mostly to keep our schedules straight.
Yesterday a friend was telling me that she and her husband were outside doing yardwork on the weekend and I thought oh crap another thing to add to the list. I don’t mind cutting the grass as it’s good exercise but I have no idea how early to fertilize, how much grass seed to put on or any of that stuff. My Dad did that and it was one thing he didn’t get around to teaching me.
My Dad kind of had a list of things he needed to prepare before he died. Things in the house he had repaired, things in the yard he had to tell me how to do. I realized after he died that I got that organizational ability from him–the need to make a list, have an order to things.
On my e-reader I have a list of chapter ideas for my book. For homework last week we were supposed to list 5 pivotal events in our life. Lists really are fascinating things.


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