This is a hard prompt because while I have ideas written down and journal entries I don’t have any idea where all of that “stuff” is going. The title of my blog post comes from a booklet that a friend gave me with lines with that word “I am with you always”. “Once a twin always a twin” which is the motto of the twinless twins organization and the locket she gave me when I turned 35 says “Always together in my heart”.
Two really good books I have read about twinloss are titled “With and Without Her” by Dorothy Foltz-Gray and Beginning with the End by Mary R. Morgan. Great titles for both because our twins are always with us but they aren’t physically here. Beginning with the End is what we do when our twins die. Both of these books really resonated with me because my twin died at the same age as Dorothy’s and Mary had a hard time dealing with the death because of how public it was (the same as me).
I want to write our story because I want her to be more than how she died. A friend from church that I have known since nursery said it’s ok…the people that matter know. But it’s more than that. I can’t tell you how many people that don’t even know what a twinless twin is. There aren’t any books in the library.
I kind of feel that writing this blog is a start. At least I know there is an interest out there about twins and twinloss.

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