Keeping my Sanity?

On the Edge
As I write this I can hear the dishwasher cleaning the dishes that I didn’t get to yesterday. It’s one of those days where my kitchen looks like it exploded. I can’t say that cleaning keeps me sane but I feel calmer once it’s tidied. Order is restored. I know I shouldn’t let it get that bad in the first place but some days I just don’t have the energy.
Yesterday I did a little bit of yardwork. I raked the lawn and put fertilizer on. And was quite happy I didn’t find any “presents” on the lawn. I’ve never put fertilizer on by myself so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I also got a couple loads of laundry done–still in basket but I’ll get to it.
I used to journal a lot but found it was sort of a venting session. My writing teacher told us to do it everyday for homework. I think it’s meant as a writing exercise–to make you think. Since I started blogging I haven’t journalled for a few months.
My ideal day would be to sit outside at the picnic table with a cup of iced coffee and my journal. AHHH


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