No Poop and Scoop

When we were growing up my brother was obsessed with wanting a dog. “Mommy can I have a doggie woggie?” He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t have one. My Mom’s answer was “I have 3 kids and a husband that’s enough work!” Such a great answer.
We have a big backyard and people thought it was such a shame that we didn’t have a pet to run around. My Dad took great pride in his garden and lawn so there was no way he was going to have a pet. My Dad grew up on a farm so they probably did have a dog but I don’t think it was allowed in the house. Animals were chores. He and his brothers had to milk the cows before going to school in the morning. My Mom had a dog growing up too. I can’t imagine my Mom walking the dog or picking up after the dog.
I’m more of a dog person. My friends have a cat that is very playful although he is slowing down with age. Our neighbourhood is full of dogs so I’ve often had to clean up after a lazy pet owner. Our neighbour growing up had a dog called “Nip” and a cat named Morris–after the cat on the cat food commercial. They weren’t very original. When Janet was about 2 she would go outside and see our neighbour in the garden. She couldn’t pronouce “Wilf” so it came out like “Woof”. They would give us birthday cards when we were little and sign it “Kathleen and Woof”.
A friend of mine has 2 small dogs and they love them but she does say walking them in the winter isn’t fun. I couldn’t imagine having to get my coat and boots on to take my dogs out in -25 degree weather. UGH not for me!! I don’t always put a coat on when I take out the garbage.
I guess me and pets are like other people’s kids–they can visit but it’s nice when they go home with someone else.


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