The Happy Wanderer Continued

waterFearful Symmetry
I was thinking last night how many of my trips have been taken after a transition in my life. My first big one was after I graduated high school. “The girls” went to California and Arizona on a tour for 10 days. Dad didn’t like to travel and my brother was busy with soccer in the summer. Almost a year after Janet died I went to Vancouver, then after Dad died Mom and I went on a Carribean cruise. There is a common thread to all of these places too…water. My favourite place when we went to California and area was Lake Tahoe. Janet’s favourite place was Santa Barbara. She felt ill after eating at a certain restaurant one night but was able to walk down the pier to look at the water.
There is something calming about water. My favourite picture is of Lake Tahoe. Favourite in Vancouver is of me dipping my feet in the ocean. There is a beautiful picture of the sun setting over the water on the cruise ship.
I am not the happy wanderer type. As you can see all of these trips were planned out. I had a list of places that I wanted to go in Vancouver and some were dependent on weather so we changed accordingly. One day I had the morning to myself and it was alright to have time to journal/reflect. I walked down streets looking in the shops. I bought flowers for my friend. I found a couple good books at a little bookstore. I walked down to Kitsilano Beach and people watched. A recent TT friend of mine said it sounded like a special trip and it was.


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